What is organic cotton clothing?

So people always wonder what are organic cotton clothing exactly? This question appears in front of us in bold letters when we hear about activists going green with fashion. More so, with the recent Eco-fashion trends which are slowly gaining importance. Some might consider it a passing fad, but organic clothing is actually the key to a green and sustainable future.

Do you remember the fight against saying no to animal fur? Well, the need for saying no to synthetic fabric is quite similar. The idea is fairly new and most people are unaware of its benefits, the seeds have been sown nevertheless. Today, many environmental activists are raising high the banner for a greener society and Eco-friendly alternatives to manufacture clothes. And so here we are to support the cause and pave way for a “greener future”.

Let us explain what truly organic cotton clothing is…

Organic cotton clothing is manufactured from 100% organic cotton that is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and other harmful fertilizers. This means clothes made from organic cotton are free from toxins and other chemicals. Moreover, organic cotton fabrics are colored using low impact dyes and other Eco-friendly materials, ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Organic cotton clothing inforgraphic

Organic cotton does good to everyone:

  • Power to the farmers:Organic cotton puts choices in the farmer’s hands. It allows them to use low external inputs to work within their limits and with their environment. Organic cotton does not use Genetically Modified Seeds (GMO) that requires large investment and also comes with a high risk of uncertainty. This ensures more control in farmers’ hand than the GM companies.
  • Pesticides free:Up To 72 million cotton workers suffer poisoning from pesticides each year.  Not using dangerous pesticides protects farmers’ lives, soil and the environment.
  • Saves up water:Organic farming practices create healthy soils which make better use of water inputs and are more resilient in drought conditions. By eliminating the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, farmers ensure waterways are safe and clean thereby not polluting precious water resources.
  • Helps combat climate change:Organic cotton production uses lesser energy resources and healthy organic soils stores more carbon that helps in 94% lesser greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Fair prices for farmers: Using fair trade principles, organic cotton farmers are paid a fair price for their produce preventing them from being cheated by the middlemen. Farmers also  gets a premium over conventional cotton.

How does it work for me?

As a buyer you get to wear pure healthy organic fabric that is comfortable yet stylish. Now could it get better? Yes, tell your friends about it, educate people around you about organic clothing. This will generate more demand for organic cotton clothing enabling more farmers to shift to organic farming hence, lowering environmental impact.

With ‘I Wear Me’ creative organic t-shirts our hope is to not just give you a piece of art you that will love to wear, but also know that you are contributing towards a farming system that is kinder to the farmers, to us, and ultimately to the planet as well.

Our call is for a change, and we invite you to join us. So the next time you shop for clothes, make sure its green, organic and Eco-friendly. Look for one of the marks from GOTs and Shop for Change to make an informed purchase. Happy Shopping!

A new journey, a new you, a new us

I Wear Me - Happy Customers wearing 100% Organic cotton t shirts

Welcome Folks! The big day has finally arrived. Taking our relationship forward, we are all set to embark on a journey with our patrons, customers and well-wishers through this blog. We like to call it IWearMe Life. It took us a little longer than we anticipated in building our very own blog, but it was all worth the wait. So! Here we are today interacting with you in this virtual world, and boy we are totally loving it! We feel proud to be the hosts of this page that is made essentially for the nature loving fashion aficionado in you.

A trip down memory lane…

It’s always refreshing to go down the memory lane with flashing images of moments that we’ve lived while molding IWearMe. Although we have come a long way, the setting up of the brand ‘I Wear Me’ still seems like a dream. It all started with our love affair with art, and our commitment as individuals towards the preservation of the fast depleting environment. Our very essence of starting up the brand was to combine the power of art and design along with green fashion that can express one’s individuality and define what you are and your beliefs.

A beautiful idea of green-fashion gave birth to the concept of fusing expressive art with organic fabrics for the fashionable and eco-friendly community. So here we are, with our 100% organic cotton t shirts that help in bringing out your individuality in an artistic way and that too with a conscious green effort. Our clothing line aim to celebrate the ‘I’ in each individual helping them to bare their souls to one another. ‘I Wear Me’ is not just a style statement, but a mix of creativity, passion and distinctiveness.

Nature – Art – Fashion – The very reason for our being

IWearMe aims to promote Eco-fashion in India. The concept of Eco-fashion isn’t merely a concept but a truth we all must face and adopt if we are to preserve our planet. As a founder of the brand, it saddened me when I learned that a majority of organic cotton grown in our country is being largely consumed by the European Countries than India. Of course, the European Countries have adopted a greener approach to fashion, thanks to the govt. policies there. India! We need to change this and start adopting green and an environment friendly life. I am proud that IWearMe is among the firsts in India to adopt organic cotton and create a sustainable and ethical fashion ecosystem for everyone.I Wear Me trip down memory lane

How we do it?

We thought of amalgamating organic clothing with your craze for art and zeal to break-free from the norm. We wish to bring about a social revolution by supporting fair trade practices – ensuring our farmers and worker communities are paid what they rightly deserve, promoting organic farming by saying no to toxic fertilizers, pesticides and harmful chemicals. We want to foster a close knit society of designers and nature lovers to explore and get involved in our endeavor. Thus, we collaborate with designers and artists to come up with ingenious and unique designs for our brand. Designs that speak for each individual with the same intensity as their own voice. This blog is a small step towards bringing us all together.

Peek into the future!

Its going to be one exciting journey. In our coming posts, we would be discussing the hot green fashion trends, Eco-clothing, organics, environment and a whole lot of other stuff that interests both you and us.  It’s a pleasure to share our ideas and thoughts with you, and we expect your active participation in this dialogue. Let’s work together towards making this world a better place to live by standing up for the cause of mother earth.